In response to Lori Woodward's article about dreaming/working I would agree that dreaming is essential but the work must follow. As a child I too was a dreamer. I remember sitting in class with the "glazed" feeling of being there but yet not being there. My mind always wondered outside the closed room. Losing oneself into the dream state is a good place to be. Even the act of painting is like being in a dream. Sometimes I have to go to bed to get into that dreamlike sensation to think about my painting and how it could be achieved or improved. 


I have found that keeping an "idea journal" is very helpful. Some of the pages in my book are:

 Ideas and sketches of future paintings

 Notes about upcoming shows or shows that have inspired me

Reminders of deadlines

Self-critiques of current paintings with specific plan of "attack" to finalize ongoing work

Clips and poscards that inspire

Words of wisdom by other artist


The source of inspiration goes on and on but the most important task is to actually COMPLETE something. I go back and check off the things that have been completed. Setting goals and completing them gives a sense of accomplishment and control over the chaos and "dream state" which fuels the idea.   Work, putting brush to canvas is the only way to fully realize the dream. Through work the dream advances to reality and becomes a true work of art.  


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